From The Archives: Rain boots

Rain boots.jpg

It’s rare to see unbridled glee but there’s a special time
That children’s faces sparkle, full of joy
It’s all the rage for every age, it doesn’t cost a dime,
Absurdly fun for every girl and boy.

It happens when it rains and then on pavers, paths and tiles
Sit puddles, cold and wet, their beckon wry.
With rainboots on they yell, “Come On!” and jump with cheers and smiles
The splashes barely missing passersby.

Now humans all, both big and small, will find it quite a treat
To jump and splash and play a little more.
Don’t fear the crud, the cold and mud, or getting soggy feet
Because that, my friend, is what rainboots are for!

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8 thoughts on “From The Archives: Rain boots

  1. I used to love jumping on the iced over puddles in the middle of winter. There was that split second before the ice broke, a satisfying crack! and icy cold water all up your legs. Yes, rain boots are a far better idea for puddling than school shoes!

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