I saw a friendly magpie and she twoodled out a song.
It made me feel like all was right and nothing could go wrong.
I dropped a bit of sandwich and she pecked and picked it up,
And now she hops behind me like a tiny spotted pup.

She doesn’t seem to realise but the silly girl can’t bark.
She does, however, like it when I take her to the park.
And though I do not keep her in a cage or on a lead,
She hops along behind me, quite obedient indeed.

She wakes me up with warbles and she sings me lullabies.
And just this morning, on my stoop, I got a grand surprise.
‘Cos though she has no fingers, sporting just a beak so small—
My smart and loyal magpie friend has learned to fetch a ball!

Cartoon magpie sign

Image from Deposit Photos © radar43 2016

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