I wanted to go camping ‘cos I thought it would be nice.
I organized a tent, some bottled water and some ice.
I had such lovely thoughts about the fun that would transpire
As I relaxed in nature, sitting cozy by a fire.

The first mistake I made, though, was I didn’t bring a bed.
I’d hoped that leaves and twigs would help me rest my weary head.
So as you can foresee, I had no chance to rest my eyes,
But that was for the best, ‘cos that was not my sole surprise.

I’d packed some crisps, some crackers, jerkied beef and juicy pears.
It was to my dismay I learned that those attracted bears!
At just past three AM, you would have seen me start to shake,
I ran with flailing arms and dove head-first into the lake.

Now here’s the third dilemma I encountered on my trip:
I thought the lake would be a clever bear-deterring dip.
However, it was winter, so the lake was topped with ice,
And plunging into that was neither smart nor very nice.

At this point I was shaking out of fear and very wet.
And really, hypothermia was quite a valid threat.
I wrapped myself in blankets, and I made some tea to sip,
And then, at last, decided I would quit my camping trip.

So feeling very sorry, very cold, and not real bright,
I packed up all the tent pegs in the middle of the night.
I took one final look at where I’d camped and nearly died,
Took two steps up the back-door stairs and then I went inside.

520_Camp_01 - Copy.jpg

Image from Deposit Photos © Tetiana_Svirska 2015

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8 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Ro-beee! You’ve come back to meeee! Oh, okay, to all of us, but that doesn’t rhyme with “Ro-beee.” In fact, it doesn’t rhyme with anything but “bus” and “fuss”!

    You’re back! With your uniquely flawless rhyme and meter and your equally flawlessly silly themes! I got FOUR clutch-my-belly LOL’s out of your camping trip!

    What a lovely surprise — welcome back, now git to writin’!


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