I’m starting a new conversation
‘Bout jargon, big words, obfuscation.
When words are too long
All reason goes wrong—
A literature-linked situation.

Instead, we’ll eschew: complex grammar;
Espousing long words with much clamor;
Linguistic confetti;
Phonemic spaghetti,
Emitted sans pause or a stammer.

I’m fighting for simplification
Of literature and oration.
Of syllable cuts
For lexical nuts
Enamored with agglutination.

It’s only through clear definition
We will supersede this tradition
Of muddied-up clauses
A clear lack of pauses
Impeding ideas and cognition.

So join me in fighting for phrases
That leave us with knowledge, not dazes.
I hope that you see
Such simplicity
Deserves our regard and our praises!

font-705667_1920 - Copy

Image from Deposit Photos © avemario 2016

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