Toy Train

(This poem can be read two ways; read the bottom two lines to find out more!)


You know I hold no grudge, it’s not as though
You broke my precious train set just for fun.
I know you meant no harm. I’d never go:
I simply can’t forgive what you have done.
For you are so mature that no one states
You act your age at only six years old!
I never think you’d act like we aren’t mates;
I never thought you’d be that brash and bold.
You did not know the truth. I cannot say
You knew I only got it just last week.
I saw your disappointment and dismay
You watched a tear roll slowly down my cheek.
It’s merely just a toy. I’d never state
Our many years as buddies have to end.
In fact, I think this day’s made us best mates,
And so, you will no longer be my “friend.”


But no. I’ve reassessed. That train was mine.
So now, go back and read each second line.

model-train-1146828_1920 - Copy.jpg

Image from Pixabay © CC0 Creative Commons 2016

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